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Bowden, Margaret
Bryant, Steve
English Teacher
De Luca, Jr., Rod
English teacher/IB and Academic Coordinator
Dennaoui, Nael
English Teacher
Greenbaum, Gary
Gronich, Jon
English Teacher
Hanf, Matthew
English Teacher
Lopez, Robin
Lum, Bryn
Nill, Mark
English Teacher
Olson, Erik
Samaniego, Elena
English Teacher
Wilde, Leslie
English Teacher

Summer Reading

Click on the "Summer Reading" button to the left.

Honors and AP English Application Process

Please refer to the attached handout for information on how to continue with or apply for Honors and AP English.


Dropping an Honors or IB English Course

Students who completed the registration process and signed up for an Honors or International Baccalaureate class in any subject will not be allowed to drop the class,   Because of class sizes and limited sections, a student, who needs to drop because of "extenuating circumstances" with proper documentation, needs to have approval from Vice Principal Chantelle Albiani and Principal Doug Craig.  Counseling cannot simply drop you.  Not completing the summer reading or assignments does not constitute extenuating circumstances.

MLA Style

If you're having trouble figuring out how to format your essay using MLA style, here is a handy link.

SAT Practice

Laguna Creek subscribes to an SAT test prep service called Method Test Prep that is a fantastic tool for preparing for the SAT with practice tests and explanations to help students improve.

Here's how to sign up:

Go to:; click  “Sign up today!”; sign up for the basic course; instead of paying with a credit card number, use the following referral code: tkn.64713179


English Standards

Click on the following link to learn more about the English Language Standards for the Elk Grove Unified School District.