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Green Energy Technology Academy

GETA Four Year Scope and Sequence

Freshmen Year

Term 1: Solar, Wind and Hydroelectric Power

Modules Used: Solar Cookers, Solar Race Cars, KidWind Turbines and minature water pumps and turbines

Term 2: Biofuels, Geothermal and Alternative Transportation

Modules Used: Organic Digesters for CH4 Production, Steam Engines/turbines, hydrogen fuel cell car kits

Other Components: Alternative Energy Job Market, Career Preparation, Job Readiness, Outside guest speakers, and field trips to local energy facilities


Sophomore Year

Term 1: Solar

Project Based Curriculum: Portable Solar Power Station

Solar Cart

Term 2: Wind

Project Based Curriculum: Wind Turbine and hand made charge controller

Wind Turbine

Other Components: Career Exploration, Outside Speakers, Field trips to local energy facilities

Junior Year

Term 1: Biofuels

Project Based Curriculum: Algae to Electricity (Culture Algae →Transfer to  Bioreactor→Harvest Algae→Extract Oil→Process Oil in a Biodiesel Processor [transesterification]→Alalyze Biodiesel in a Gas Chromatograph→Combust biodiesel in a diesel generator.)

Prototype Reactor

Term 2: Alternative Tranporation

Project Based Curriculum: Electric Vehicles (PVC Chassis with electric vehicle components [throttle {potentiometer box}, charge controller, battery, internal charging system components, and shunts for gauges]. Safety harness, brakes, electrical safeguards, steering mechanism, etc.)

Electric Vehicle

Other Components: Mentorship from outside resources is a requirement. So far we have mentors from Ternion Bio who have guided us in the construction of the bioreactors and Full Spectrum Analytics who donated a Gas Chromatograph and have taught us to run tests on it. As with the first 2 years, we will be visiting local energy facilities and listening to outside speakers.


Senior Year

Terms 1  2: Based upon each students' post secondary plans, either internships, collaborative research or certification programs will be assigned. This will be done in conjunction with our post secondary education partners, local energy companies, corporations and agencies.