Laguna Creek High School Home

What we offer

We have 3 styles of Algebra 1:

      Yearlong Algebra 1,

      Algebra 1: 10-12, and

      3 Term Algebra 1 for 9th

We have 3 styles of Geometry:

      Regular Geometry

      Applied Geometry,

      and Honors Geometry.

We have 2 styles of Algebra 2

      Regular Algebra 2

      Algebra 2 Honors

We have Honors Precalculus

We offer all 3 IB courses:

      Math Studies




Cardinal's Rule

Our Beakness

Math Tutoring:


àGet your homework done before you leave campus!!

àGet one-on-one explanations!!

àMeet with math study groups!!

Tutoring from qualified mathematics teachers!!






Day                     Time                      Classroom


Tuesday, Thursday     3:15 to 4:15 pm                  I – 9

     Mrs. Rogers



Wednesday              3:15 to 4:15 pm                  I - 8

     Mr. Richmond



Tues to Thurs           7:00 to 7:30 am                  I - 2

     Ms. Hill

 Non-Late Start days                          



Math Locker

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Adams, Drew Mathematics Instructor
Fitzpatrick, Young Teacher
Friedrich, James Math Teacher
Hill, Nicki Mathematics Department Chair
Kalbfus, Charles Math Teacher
Kirkland, Spencer Teacher
Lesieur, Stephanie Teacher
Levy, Melissa Teacher
Puccini, Denise Math Teacher
Puccini, Micheal Industrial Technology Teacher
Richmond, Jason Math Teacher/Mathletes Advisor
Rogers, Karen Teacher
Schlagel, Mr. Math Teacher